New book of Tattoo Flash Dec. 2019

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I have a new book of Flash I just finished up, 61 pages, 8.5×11, soft bound. $40usd plus $5usd shipping domestic, $15usd shipping international. You can order a copy directly at or contact me at .

And Some new works, cheers!




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September 2017

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Hi there everyone, thanks for looking.  Here are some new works, many thanks to everyone that keeps coming back over the years! Currently booking for Dec 17/ Jan 18.  For any info regarding appointments drop me a line at

One of my favorite designs, was stoked to to get to do this, we finished it in three sittings. Ian is tough as nails.


J. H. C.

Image 1

My eyes are up here…

Image 2

Third sitting, making this for my wife, inspired by Hardys “Waterlupe”

Image 3


Image 4

Another healed shot

Image 5

Image 6

Image 8

Image 9

Based on Audubon

Image 10

Image 11

December 2016

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Hi there and thanks for looking. Here’s some new stuff from the last couple of months. I will be working at FTW now on a Monday,Tuesday and Friday,Saturday schedule. If you have any questions regarding an appointment it’s best to email me at or drop by on my shop days, I would advise against leaving a message on the shop voicemail as it is a community line and things slip through the cracks from time to time. As a last resort, I am also available on instagram @jasonphillips_tattoo for instant messages. Right now I’m booking for Feb/March. Looking forward to what the new year bring for work! Hope everyones doing good out there!









February 2016

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Hope everyone had a great new year! Here’s some new stuff I’ve been working on, Thanks for looking!

Study for Bens back which we started a couple of months ago, I will be posting photos as we finish up the shading.
Image 4

Rest in Power old friend!

Image 7

Debs back in progress

Image 6

As I am, you will be… We finished this in under a year, always great to get that kind of momentum.

Image 3

New paints
Image 5

Two Stomachs recently finished, we will be adding to Chris’ which is the butterfly lady in the future
Image 1

Image 2

Commisioned painting, 12×16. I am always happy to do commissions, small or large.

One reason I am always drawn to spiders, patience…work, then more patience. Patience always pays off
Image 8

Septemeber 2015

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I have been slacking a little bit on the blog updates as it has been a very busy summer. That being said, I have been trying to work on some new things, most notably, new tattoo flash. I have a few new sheets that I have recently finished and am most excited about the ones based off of Audubons birds. I also have recently made these enamel pins with the “Lemmy Alone” design which I have up at along with some paintings.

Image 7
These pins are available both at the shop and online for 8usd.

Image 2

Audubon sheet #1

Image 12

Audubon sheet #2

Image 11

Got to get a healed photo of Ana’s panther

Image 10

Rock and Roll will never die

Image 2

Man’s Ruin

Image 8

In one side, out the other.

Image 4

Brooks was leaving the staggering rents of the Bay area for the easy living of Virginia, we made this over a course of five weeks before he left. Thanks for looking, see you next time!

May 2015

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Image 21

A few sittings into this one, one of my favorite classic images ever.

Image 1

Image 4

Two years in the making, we finished Joes back.

Image 2

Image 6



Image 7

Image 29

Did you hear about the farmers wife who up and left him, he came home to a John Deere Letter.

Image 26

Image 14

Image 12

My contribution to the Skull book, LLL publishers.

Image 18


and lastly, my favorite sign from Cairo. Thanks for looking.

January 2015

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Happy New Year! .

A sentiment I can get behind depending on the night before


One shot!




Started this for Hannah, first sitting


Picture Machine Flash


Petaling ideas?


And lastly, I made some new shop shirts and hoodies. Both available online and at the shop, Thanks!


October 2014

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Some of what I have been working on lately, firstly, I made this study for a back piece, kicking around some ideas. Secondly, I was able to get this healed photo of Roberts back, pictured below. We finished this about two years ago, over the course of five weeks. Its nice to see it settling in.


A couple of tattoos I worked on this month, I was really excited to do this classic tiger snake chest piece, which is drawn from a book of Zeis flash that I got from the tattoo archive back when it was still here in the bay area. It has always been one of my favorites. I know I say that a lot, but I have a lot of favorites.



I made this painting for my friend Ezra’s Paranormal art show, which was, and might possibly still be going on in Ohio. You just never know with the paranormal.


I made this tattoo based off an Audubon painting, which I will say again, is another one of my favorites. And, kinda also paranormal, at least for the fish. From a life aquatic standpoint that eagle might as well have been interdimensional, because for a fish, what the fuck is a sky. It must be a moment of pure satori for the fish. Regardless, here it is in tattoo form by me.


bison skull

A 5×15 flash card.


Thanks for looking!

August 2014

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This last month we worked on bringing Warrens half sleeves down to a 3/4 length. Here’s how it all came together.

Image 22

We are one sitting away from finishing this back piece, I really love this tattoo and would love to do more like it. This particular back will have taken four sittings.

Image 19

and an Eagle from earlier this week

Image 21

Thanks everybody, its been a great month.

June 2014

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Some new stuff, Thanks for looking!
Image 9
Image 7

Image 1


Image 4

And some paintings

Image 3

Image 2

And, Lastly, a skate deck I made for John at TeamPrintShop here in Oakland for a Warhol project he was putting together.

Image 6