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how every old man starts a story….

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Image 9

We had two good weeks in Japan and the first day started with having the honor and good fortune to meet the man who made one of those initial impressions upon me, if not the most profound. I was traveling with my girlfriend and we had set the day aside both to get tattooed by Horiyoshi and visit Yokohama. What can I say, It was 30 years in the waiting, and worth every minute, I feel incredibly lucky to have been afforded this opportunity . Afterwards, we sidetracked to Tokyo to spend some time with our good friend and annual shop visitor Mo, Horishige, who both introduced me to eating shark and made for a long long night of shinjuku driking. There are far worse fates to be had.
Image 12

…and the trip is over and you go back to work

Image 2
viking girl for Brett

Image 3
more a bent back skull then bent back girl for Kevin

Image 5
a dragon in progress

Image 4
another in progress

Image 8
tough is tough, barbed wire panther

Image 7
year of the horse painting I did for my friend Daniel who works at True Love Tattoo in Berkeley.

Image 6
this went no where, just hangs out in my living room, but I love it