October 2014


Some of what I have been working on lately, firstly, I made this study for a back piece, kicking around some ideas. Secondly, I was able to get this healed photo of Roberts back, pictured below. We finished this about two years ago, over the course of five weeks. Its nice to see it settling in.


A couple of tattoos I worked on this month, I was really excited to do this classic tiger snake chest piece, which is drawn from a book of Zeis flash that I got from the tattoo archive back when it was still here in the bay area. It has always been one of my favorites. I know I say that a lot, but I have a lot of favorites.



I made this painting for my friend Ezra’s Paranormal art show, which was, and might possibly still be going on in Ohio. You just never know with the paranormal.


I made this tattoo based off an Audubon painting, which I will say again, is another one of my favorites. And, kinda also paranormal, at least for the fish. From a life aquatic standpoint that eagle might as well have been interdimensional, because for a fish, what the fuck is a sky. It must be a moment of pure satori for the fish. Regardless, here it is in tattoo form by me.


bison skull

A 5×15 flash card.


Thanks for looking!


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