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Septemeber 2015

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I have been slacking a little bit on the blog updates as it has been a very busy summer. That being said, I have been trying to work on some new things, most notably, new tattoo flash. I have a few new sheets that I have recently finished and am most excited about the ones based off of Audubons birds. I also have recently made these enamel pins with the “Lemmy Alone” design which I have up at along with some paintings.

Image 7
These pins are available both at the shop and online for 8usd.

Image 2

Audubon sheet #1

Image 12

Audubon sheet #2

Image 11

Got to get a healed photo of Ana’s panther

Image 10

Rock and Roll will never die

Image 2

Man’s Ruin

Image 8

In one side, out the other.

Image 4

Brooks was leaving the staggering rents of the Bay area for the easy living of Virginia, we made this over a course of five weeks before he left. Thanks for looking, see you next time!